Sekisui Chemical starts selling underground rainwater storage material in flood-prone Indonesia

The installation work of Sekisui Chemical Co.'s Cross-Wave underground rainwater storage in a park in Bekasi Regency, West Java Province shown in a photo taken on Nov. 1, 2019.

JAKARTA, NNA – Japanese plastics manufacturer Sekisui Chemical Co. has started selling its underground rainwater storage technology in Indonesia.

Subsidiary PT. Sekisui Indonesia is offering the parent company’s Cross-Wave brand plastic material for installation under gardens, parks and parking lots. The material can aid in urban flood management and rainwater harvesting. It’s also an alternative to flood mitigation.

“This Cross-Wave system rainwater…can be used as backup water during the dry season,” said Robby Dwi Mariansyah, an official in the Jakarta Water Resources Office.

Sekisui has found its first client at an Indonesian residential area in West Java. There it installed Cross-Wave material for construction of a park that covers about 1,000 square meters and extends two meters deep.

Installation of the individual 8-kilogram plastic segments takes a week, said Akihiro Obi, director of PT Sekisui Indonesia. The process requires no use of heavy equipment, Obi said in an interview with NNA in late October.

Basic panels are one meter long and 20 centimeters high. Those dimensions increase porosity -- the incidence of empty space inside a material -- to as much as 95 percent. The empty spaces can be used for installing of other materials.

Jakarta, a low-lying city prone to flooding, launched in April its Rainwater Saving Movement program. The program aims to reduce the flow of rainwater directly into waterways or rivers. That reduction would help with flood control and capture more water for consumption.

Indonesia with a 271 million population has logged 549 flood disasters year to date through September, according to National Disaster Management Agency figures. The agency recorded 871 flood disasters last year.

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