U.S. investor Jim Rogers says trade war with China could lead to “worst economic time”

U.S. investor Jim Rogers speaks in an exclusive interview with NNA in Tokyo on Sept. 12, 2019.

By Jiang Kang Hui

TOKYO, NNA – Renowned American investor Jim Rogers warns the U.S.-China trade dispute and its subsequent impacts would cause “the worst economic time in my lifetime,” while predicting U.S. President Donald Trump will be reelected.

No trade war in history has been good for the world, the 76-year old investor said in an exclusive interview with NNA last week, suggesting that the U.S. leader thinks he is smarter than history and everybody, and “he thinks it will help him get reelected.”

In American history, the incumbent president can do what opponents cannot do, he said, adding that he would bet on “Mr. Trump being reelected.”

Looking at history, Rogers, who currently lives in Singapore and visited Japan last week to promote his most recent book about the world’s third-largest economy, regards a trade war as normally lasting for about two years.

But if the U.S. economy gets worse, Trump is likely to blame other countries like China, Germany and Japan, he said, adding, “he will come back with a stronger trade war.”

He advised companies, including Japanese, to keep their debts low as “crises and opportunities are the same thing,” and said they cannot take advantage of an opportunity if they have too much debt.

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