Teijin opens resin compound plant, tech center in Thailand

A resin compound plant by major Japanese fiber maker Teijin Ltd. opens in the central Thai province of Ayutthaya on Sept. 10, 2019, along with a technical center. (NNA/Kyodo)

BANGKOK,NNA - Major Japanese fiber maker Teijin Ltd. has opened a resin compound plant and a technical center in Thailand as its development and production hub in Southeast Asia.

Teijin Corp. (Thailand) launched the resin compound plant in the Bang Pa-in Industrial Estate in the central province of Ayutthaya, adding it to its already established ones in Japan and China, to manufacture products for the automotive and electronics sectors and meet more quickly the growing demand in the region, according to a company statement released Tuesday.

Starting with an initial annual output capacity of 10,000 tons, Teijin plans to quadruple the new plant’s manufacturing capability of resin compounds to 40,000 tons to sell them in Southeast Asia and India.

The move is in line with Teijin’s medium-term business plan to shift toward resin compound products from conventional raw material resins which are dominated by Chinese producers, Noboru Yamanishi, general manager of Teijin’s resin & plastic processing business unit, told NNA on Tuesday.

Resin compounds refer to high value-added resin products made by mixing raw resins with various other materials such as glass fiber or additives to give the appearance or functionality required. (NNA/Kyodo)

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