Japan’s Kichiri to open prime hamburger steak restaurant in Indonesia

Ishigamaya Hamburg Executive Chef Yukihito Sakase in Jakarta on Feb. 12.

JAKARTA, NNA – Japanese restaurant chain operator Kichiri Holdings & Co. will open a prime hamburger steak restaurant in Jakarta on Friday, targeting middle-income earners amid Indonesia’s rapid economic growth.

The company said Tuesday it plans to form a local joint venture with Rizki Bukit Abadi, an investment firm focused on the service industry, to eventually run a chain of Ishigamaya Hamburg eateries where steaks are cooked in a stone oven.

Largely Muslim Indonesia is the first overseas market for Ishigamaya, but it has not yet obtained halal certification.

The restaurant is located next to Chavaty, a specialty tea café that Kichiri opened in December at Lumine Jakarta, a Japanese-style mall.

Local unit Kichiri Rizki Abadi plans to open three more outlets in the capital within a year, possibly including shops under other brands, Kichiri said.

Ishigamaya mainly uses Australian beef and targets middle-income earners. Kichiri estimates Indonesian diners will spend the equivalent of about 1,300 yen ($12) per meal, compared with 1,500 to 1,600 yen in Japan.

“We’re planning to enter other parts of Asia and the European Union,” Shota Kidokoro, president of Kichiri Rizki Abadi, told NNA.

Kichiri operates about 100 eateries in Japan, including 20 Ishigamaya restaurants.

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